Past Issues

November 2016
There is never a dull moment at the Lown Group with plenty of milestones to celebrate! Please join us in commemorating our head nurse Helene on 40 years at Lown, and enjoy a timeless article originally published by Dr. Thomas Graboys citing many helpful hints for patients traveling this holiday season.

September 2016
Calling all athletes! Do you value physical fitness and exercise? Read about the extensive benefits of sports and how a few simple changes to your everyday routine can improve overall health. Also, introduce yourself to some new faces around the Lown Group.

Spring 2016
In this issue, meet Beth Reardon, our new Nutritionist, as well as learn about our Sports Cardiology program, our new home, and how we’re helping to train the next generation of doctors.

Spring 2015
Our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Thomas Graboys, passed away in January 2015. This special edition of our newsletter shares the lasting impression he left on the Lown Group, his friends and colleagues, and most importantly, his patients.

Fall 2014
As we head into winter, we would like to share with you all of the wonderful things that have happened here in the last few months. This issue includes: “What Not to Say to Your Doctor”, “Atrial Fibrillation: The Importance of Individualized Care”, “Should You Shovel That Snow”, and “Shared Risk: Family History and Heart Health”.

Summer 2014
Includes: “New services, resources available to Lown Group patients”, Testing for blocked heart arteries” by Dr. Lewis, “How to tell if your chest pain is heart related” by Dr. Graboys, and “Introducing the Lown Cardiology College Program”

Fall 2013
Includes: “Staying health is not just for patients”, “Is heart disease and problem for women” by Dr. Lewis, and “Dr. Bilchik rides to remember”

Summer 2013
Includes: “Our new look reflects our continuing commitment to patient care”, “Meet Dr. Dara Lee Lewis”, “How can I continue my healthy diet while still enjoying a night out with my family?” by Dr. Bilchik, and “Meet Tara Mardigan, MS, MPH, RD”



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