Second Opinions

The Lown Group offers patients a thoughtful, balanced, and unhurried approach to second opinions. Our physicians are renowned for their willingness to explore less aggressive strategies for managing coronary artery blockages, valve disease, rhythm problems, and other cardiac issues. We understand that, despite recent technological advances, sometimes a non-invasive approach is the best option.

We will review records from your other physicians, listen to your personal preferences, and work together with you to formulate a treatment plan. We welcome involvement from your family and those close to you to help make these difficult decisions.

In situations where a surgical or invasive procedure turns out to be the right approach for you after all, we can recommend a trusted colleague at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and we will continue to care for you at the time of your procedure.

To find out more about second opinions at the Lown Group, please call (617) 732-1318.