The Lown Group, Inc.

In addition to our clinical services, we are committed to advocatingĀ for patient-centered heart health and prevention. We created a nonprofit organization – the Lown Group, Inc. – to carry out a range of outreach and education activities

Some of our activities include:

Patient Education

We produce a range of patient education activities, including: our quarterly heart health newsletter, health literature updates, and special programs to promote cardiovascular health among our patients and their families.

Physician Training

We offer a hands-on approach to teaching medical students who rotate through the Lown GroupĀ and to other physicians and health professionals worldwide.


Our physicians often contribute to scientific literature and participate in current health policy discussions and debates on patient-centered best practices and accountable care.

End of Life Care

We recently launched the Caring to the End initiative, which is focused on end of life cardiac care planning with dignity.