As part of its commitment to clinical education, the Lown Group offers an outpatient cardiology elective course for Harvard Medical School students. During the month-long course, students are exposed to outpatient, office-based cardiology at the Lown Group.

IMG_0406The course focuses on the critical link between office and hospital-based cardiology with exposure to the decision-making process leading to hospitalization and the care of the recently discharged cardiac patient. As one of the few remaining independent practices in the Boston area, the Lown Group provides a unique model of patient-centered, noninvasive cardiovascular care that emphasizes prevention, compassion, and trust between doctor and patient.

After completing our course, Kate Majzoub, a fourth year Harvard Medical School student had this to say:

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from the cardiologists, nurses, technicians, and patients at the Lown Group. Throughout medical school I have been exposed to many clinical settings, ranging from Intensive Care Units to newborn nurseries, to primary care clinics. The Lown Group was among the most efficient, friendly, and patient- centered places that I have encountered. I was repeatedly impressed by the team’s commitment to clinical excellence, minimizing potentially harmful interventions, and above all, treating people rather than diseases. Thank you to all of the patients, staff, and physicians who participated in my education during my month at the Lown Group.