In his interview on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour, Dr. Blatt discusses the Lown Group’s unique philosophy of care.

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Our Philosophy

Founded by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Bernard Lown, The Lown Cardiovascular Group provides patient-centered, noninvasive cardiovascular care that emphasizes prevention, compassion, and trust between doctor and patient. Our approach has focused on…

  • Doing more for our patients and less to our patients.
  • Taking time to listen to your concerns is critical to our understanding of your medical needs.
  • Recognizing that when you understand your health issues, you are better able to participate in your own care.
  • Providing patients with individualized care by focusing on the patient with a condition, rather than the condition itself.

These fundamental principles have guided our practice for nearly 50 years. We continue to provide and advocate for cardiovascular care that is practical, cost-effective, and promotes shared decision-making.

When you come across a group of individuals who care about you as a person you are blessed… When we came to the Lown Group, we experienced the kind of care that truly makes a difference.


Patient thank-you letter, 2010